Frequently Asked Questions

When will Arccos release Arccos for Android?Unfortunately we do not support Android at this time. We hope to do so in the future, but we do not currently have a specific timetable for when that will happen. At this time, Arccos is only compatible with iPhone 4s and later. However, if you have access to an iPhone, it does not need to have a data plan to work with Arccos.

Will the weight of the sensors affect my swing?Each Arccos sensor weighs less than 12 grams, meaning they have zero swing impact. In fact, blind swing tests showed even veteran pros couldn't distinguish which clubs had sensors and which didn't.

What features will you be releasing this year?Arccos will be releasing a custom social platform this year from which you will be able to easily share, view and compare stats. You will be able to select your own level of privacy to choose who can access your stats and what they can see. To keep tabs on Arccos news and updates, . Don't worry, we never send spam.

What if I have questions about my order?We'll gladly answer them. You can reach us anyway that works for you.
Email:, Phone: 1-844-MYARCCOS (1-844-692-7226), Facebook: Arccos Golf,Twitter: @ArccosGolf

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