What is golf performance tracking and why do you need it?

Performance tracking is a term that gets kicked around often at Arccos HQ. In fact, Team Arccos is consistently trying to make performance tracking as much a part of every golfer's game as a 6-iron and golf shoes.

Gone are the days of simply playing golf. Now is the time to use technology to monitor your game, hone in on areas of improvement and enrich your golfing experience.

But, what exactly is performance tracking? And, better yet, how can it help you?

It's not new, that's for sure. It's actually quite old. It's the way it's done nowadays that makes it seem like a new "category." It's the fact that there are products like Arccos that track your performance that make it a new part of the game.

An unofficial definition of "performance tracking" in the game of golf could surely read:

Charting all shots taken with the intention of analyzing performance for the betterment of your game.

Sounds simple enough, right?

But the way it has been done up until now is what has made it anything but simple.

Do you have a shoebox full of scorecards lying around in the attic with fairways hit, GIR and putts marked? Have you saved a spreadsheet over the years, continuously scrolling to monitor your putts per hole and ups-and-downs?

If so, great. That's vital information. But, what have you done with it? How has it helped your game.

Until now, golfers have been missing the very important next step.

Arccos tracks your game -- seamlessly, mind you -- and uses the data it records to provide you with accurate and informative analysis of your play. Charting your game is only a piece of what Arccos does. The insight and analysis Arccos provides with the performance it has tracked is why you should be tracking your performance. See for yourself by exploring our dashboard demo, which shows you the wealth of analysis Arccos will provide you on your game.

Playing golf without the aid of performance tracking is like investing money in the stock market without gathering information on the stock you're investing in. You'll have just as much luck improving your game as you will making money from the stock.

Information is king and performance tracking will provide it for you.

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