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Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos takes center stage at 2017 PGA Show

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In November, a partnership was announced between Arccos and Cobra Puma Golf.

On Tuesday at the annual PGA Show Demo Day, that partnership -- and the Cobra Connect drivers it spawned -- took center stage.

Cobra Connect drivers feature an ultralight Arccos sensor embedded in the grip. The first such club, KING LTD Black, launched in November and the system is standard in the Cobra KING F7 and KING F7+ drivers for 2017.

At the PGA Show, however, the buzz surrounding the partnership focused on the fact that Cobra Connect drivers are the first connected clubs the golf industry has seen.

“We think the marriage of the two is truly a game-changing and innovative product,” Cobra Puma Golf CEO Bob Philion said during a Facebook Live recording from Demo Day.

“We’re focused on the product, itself, and what Arccos really brought was that they’re the best in the industry at what they do. So, the collaboration with Arccos has really allowed us to do what we do best and work with these guys from an expert standpoint.”

Arccos CEO Sal Syed & Bob Philion, Cobra Puma Golf CEO discuss the partnership

Cobra Connect clubs feature second-generation Arccos sensor technology with a permanent battery that requires no charging, is certified for 24 months and is designed to last much longer.

Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos users also gain access to a customized version of the Arccos Driver app, offering Cobra content in addition to the real-time driver tracking, performance data, and rangefinder GPS distances available to all Arccos Driver app users.

“Cobra being one of the biggest companies in golf has truly set the standard for innovation in golf,” said Arccos CEO Sal Syed. “The connected driver is game-changing and having Cobra believe in that is a great thing for the industry.”

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