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Arccos Officially Launches For Android

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The wait is over. Arccos is officially live on the Android platform

Both the complete Arccos Golf set and our single-sensor Arccos Driver product are fully functional for Android. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience as the app was built.

Indeed, it's a great day for Team Arccos.

“The Android community has been very vocal about their demand for Arccos products,” says Arccos CEO Sal Syed. “This release is a big step toward ensuring more golfers can benefit from Tour Analytics, GPS 2.0 and the other aspects of our technology that have helped make Arccos golf’s #1 performance tracking system.”

The Android community has, in fact, been very vocal about their interest in joining the Arccos Community. When we launched on iOS in the fall of 2014, our goal was to also deliver an Android application. However, the Bluetooth functionality of the Android version at the time (KitKat) was not compatible with the Arccos system.  

This past summer, though, we completed a feasibility study of using Arccos on the latest version of Android (Lollipop) and were very pleased with the results. With that feasibility test complete, we pushed forward on our Android development. 

Boasting identical functionality to Arccos offerings for iOS, the Android versions pair with free apps available for download on Google Play. Each allows golfers to better understand their game, dramatically improve performance and have more fun.

For existing users who had been playing with their iOS devices and want to make the change to an Android device, the sensors will work with both platforms.

Have you tried the Arccos System?

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  • Bought the Android version for the May 1 release date. Very happy with it! Great product.

    Bob Wardlow on

  • Arrcos is an amazing golf tool. I had to borrow my daughters iPhone to use the app. I was so impressed that I considered trading in my android phone for am iphone. I am so happy it is available for android. Great Job Arccos.

    Darryl A. on

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