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Why isn't Arccos compatible with Android?

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Roughly 1 billion strong, Android users are a powerful bunch. Within that large, powerful group, there's also a large segment of golfers hungry for an on-course solution like Arccos.

Unfortunately we do not yet have an Android version of Arccos.  

But here's the full scoop and the latest on our progress:

When we initially developed our iOS app, we looked into developing an Android version as well. However, the Bluetooth functionality of the Android version at the time (KitKat) was not compatible with the Arccos system.  

In summer 2015, we completed a feasibility study of using Arccos on the latest version of Android (Lollipop) and we are pleased to say that the results were mostly positive.  We are not yet at the point of announcing a timetable for release of an Android app, but we are moving forward with the planning for its development.

It is also too early at this point to say anything about which phones might or might not be compatible with any Android app we might develop. It's safe to say that to run Arccos, the phone will need to be running Lollipop (or later), but it is possible that not all phones running Lollipop will be Arccos compatible.  If and when we release an Android version of the Arccos app, we will list specifically which phone models it is compatible with.

Until then, Arccos is only compatible with iPhone 4s and later.  However, Arccos does not require an active data plan.  If you have access to a functional iPhone (4s or later), it can be used with Arccos regardless of whether or not it has an active service plan.  The GPS functionality of the iPhone does not require an active data connection.  

Arccos course information can be downloaded via WiFi before heading to the golf course. The iPod touch will not allow you to use Arccos because there is no GPS chip in the device like there is in an iPhone.

Have you tried the Arccos System?

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  • We would have purchased two ARCCOS systems in early 2015 if they worked with Android. We’re not stooping to iPhones, but we could use smart watches for a number of things. If we can find an iWatch without a service/data contract, will that work with ARCCOS? Thanks.

    Neal Fox on

  • I got an Arccos set for Christmas. I will not be using them until May or so. Is there any expectation that we might get news by then? Worst case is I do have an old iPhone 5 (not on a phone plan).

    Steve R on

  • when android becomes available will I have to buy new heads or just download new app

    Robert on

  • So does the system for with iPads?

    Brian on

  • I am currently an android user, but I do I have my old iPhone 4s laying around. If I buy/download on the 4s is my information going to be able to transfer to android once it is up and running?

    Steve on

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