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Arccos 101: Tour Analytics explained

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Arccos doesn’t just record every aspect of your golf game. Through our proprietary Tour Analytics platform, Arccos analyzes all of your stats to give you game-changing knowledge.

But, what is Tour Analytics?

Arccos’ proprietary Tour Analytics platform breaks down your handicap -- by round and overall — across five separate facets: Driving, Approach, Chipping, Sand, and Putting. Through Tour Analytics, Arccos uncovers your strengths, weaknesses and trends so you can make better decisions on the course and during your practice time. 

Tour Analytics is based off the strokes-gained methodology now in use on the PGA Tour. It analyzes every shot and determines whether you got more or less out of that shot than you should have. At the end of the round, Arccos aggregates the data and benchmarks your overall performance against how players of various skill levels typically perform, generating a relative handicap for each skill facet.

A breakdown of just how each facet is calculated is below:

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  • I know that the system provides serious statistical analysis, but it’s still a hoot to use!!! _

    Joe Perez on

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