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How does Arccos work?

Arccos can seamlessly capture your golf game and provide an amazing amount of statistics, analysis and insight. But one question Team Arccos commonly answers about the product is: "How does it work?"

While it appears to be magic, there's quite a bit more to it. To give those golfing with Arccos a better understanding of how their game is being recorded, logged and preserved -- as well as provide those not yet playing with Arccos a better idea of how the game's #1 performance tracker works, we devised this handy infographic:

How does Arccos work?

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  • Yes Kyle you can do that without issue. I do the same thing. You will have to allow time after the round to sync the data as its not instant. But it works. I suggest a 5 or 5s since this will need to by on your body during the round so smaller the better maybe. Good luck! The product is great.

    Matt on

  • I use an Android phone and will never purchase an iPhone. Can I use an iPhone, that is off contract and not connected to a cellular plan as a tracking device, while using only WiFi to sync the round data when I return to my home?

    Kyle on

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