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Smart Distance: Expected club distances, ranges tailored to your game

  • Arccos 1.4, Smart Distance

Smart Distance is a new feature Arccos golfers will notice when updating their apps to the latest version -- Arccos 1.4.

Smart Distance is a new way we're calculating and displaying each user's distance expectancies with each club. We've taken the average club distances Arccos users have come to know and love and made it more reflective of actual distances a player would expect to hit on a well-struck shot.

"We wanted to do this to make the product more seamless and automatic," said Product Manager and VP of Customer Experience Al Vikmanis. "By introducing Smart Distance, Arccos now delivers users actionable information on club distances and gapping with no required input or curation on their part."

In addition to Smart Distance expectancies, Golfers using version 1.4 will also notice personalized Smart Range insights. Smart Range offers Arccos users a range in which a shot with each club may travel based on their past performance as recorded by the app.

"Arccos has all of your past data and knows your game as well as a caddie on the PGA Tour knows the player he's caddieing for," Vikmanis said. "The more you use Arccos, the better your data will become and Smart Distance is a great example of that.

Golfers who prefer to continue to manually curate their average distances may do so by turning off "Show Smart Distance," in the app's settings.

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  • I have loved using Arccoss from its first release and have seen it get much better with each improvement. I was hoping that Smart Distance would provide club recommendation functionality. When using the rangefinder it would be great if a recommended club was shown on both the iPhone and watch, or am I not looking in the right place?

    Nathan on

  • My comment is a question: what rules/algorithm is the system using to determine these numbers? What does it do with all the shots I already told the system to “ignore”? (I’m guessing the Mark Brodie suggestion of 75th percentile is involved)

    Robert Redekop on

  • I have used the system for more than 40 rounds of golf. I have been more than pleased with the staff at Arccos in helping me, IT challenged, to benefit from all the functions available. A great system, and great support. A definite buy.

    JT on

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