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Arccos Course Analyzer utilizes user, community data to provide golfers optimal strategy on nearly every hole

  • Arccos Course Analyzer, Microsoft

Our products give golfers of all skill levels the ability to seamlessly capture their games. The data collected for every shot hit and every round played by the Arccos community provides our users with a complete understanding of their games, enabling improvement.

At the 2017 PGA Show, the unveiling of the Arccos Course Analyzer -- spawned from a new partnership with Microsoft -- showcased the logical next step for the Arccos Golf performance tracking and data collection platform.

Set to launch in May, the Arccos Course Analyzer is the first phase of a collaboration between Arccos and Microsoft. The Analyzer layers an Arccos user’s data on top of millions of data points for more than 40,000 golf courses mapped in the Arccos system. It then harnesses Microsoft Azure cloud-computing services and machine learning capabilities to provide personalized recommendations for optimal strategies on nearly every golf hole in the world.

Demo of the Arccos Course Analyzer

Arccos Course Analyzer - Demo from Arccos Golf on Vimeo.

“Our goal is to create the most advanced Artificial Intelligence platform for golf,” says Sal Syed, our CEO and co-founder. “It will leverage a user’s personal performance history, all the shots ever taken by the Arccos community, weather, elevation, course features, equipment selections and much more. The resulting strategic advice will be smarter than anything that’s humanly possible. With its broad suite of capabilities, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is the ideal solution to unlock this vision.”

The Course Analyzer was truly a showstopper at the PGA Show, winning press from Golf Digest,, Forbes,, and more, while taking home the Best New Product award from Plugged In Golf.

“The use of advanced analytics in golf is in its infancy compared to other major sports due to the tremendous challenges of collecting the required shot data,” says Mike Downey, Director, Principal Evangelist – Sports at ‎Microsoft. "The PGA Tour overcomes these hurdles with a team of 350 data collection volunteers at every tournament. Arccos is the first company that has truly cracked this code for amateurs by creating a virtually automatic sensor platform that seamlessly integrates into a player’s routine. As a result, Arccos has developed an impressive and rapidly expanding data set. We’re excited to layer this with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to deliver intelligence that helps golfers realize their full potential.”

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