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Did You Know: Easily edit shots from within the app

Each week, we offer tips, tricks and best practices to the community so that our users can get the most out of the Arccos platform. This week, we examine how to make easy edits within the app.

Did you know you can easily make edits from the shot list within the app?

To do this, simply:

1.) Swipe up on the white tool bar at the bottom of the app screen.
2.) Tap on the shot you want to edit.
3.) Make necessary edits to your shot or hole.
4.) When all edits are made, tap "Done" in the upper right hand corner of the app screen to save all changes.

After swiping up on the white tool bar, users can delete the shot, add a penalty, or tap edit to enter edit mode.

When in edit mode, users can change the terrain of a shot, for instance fairway to rough, or rough to bunker.

For additional reference, watch the tutorial video below: 


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