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Arccos Golf Podcast, Session 002: Millennials & Golf

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By Ben Larsen
Strategic Content Manager

In this, the age of data, millennials are the case study. They're Big Foot, Nessie, El Chupacabra...

They're a legend without even trying. They're the most sought-after demographic across many industries -- the golf industry chief among them.

The common theme is that they don't play enough -- or better said: they don't spend enough. But, why is that? In Session 002 of the Arccos Golf Podcast, we aim to find out.

Listen in as we chat with three experts in the field -- Ashley K. Mayo of Golf Digest, NextGen Golf CEO and co-founder Kris Hart, and Shane Baldwin, a junior at the University of Connecticut and president of the school's club golf team -- all of whom just so happen to be among the "millennial generation."

To support this week's podcast, we'll also be taking a deep dive into the Arccos Community, and moreover, the play, participation and trends of the millennial generation. Stay tuned for more on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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