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Gear Patrol: 'The Golf Product of the Year'

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With live stats, global competitions and the opportunity to secure ultimate bragging rights over your friends and playing partners, what's not to love about Arccos Driver?

Gear Patrol seems to agree.

The leading tech and gadget review site reviewed our Driver-only product and had great things to say:

"Golfers today play golf differently. There’s less “take the boardroom to the greens” and more “get a round in at twilight.” There’s less country club membership and more members club tournaments. There’s less time spent peacocking about driving distance, and more data to prove exactly how long you do hit. So, when Arccos claims that their new Arccos Driver sensor and new app-based game, Crowns, will be the hottest product in golf this year, there’s a better-than-good chance they’re right."

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