ARCCOS/DSG/GOLF GALAXY - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just get sensors for a few of my clubs?

No, for Arccos Caddie to function correctly you need sensors in all your clubs, including your putter. Typically, this will be 14 sensors of which the “all black” sensor is for the putter. You can have any combination of screw-in or embedded sensors (those that are inside the grip).


Can I just re-grip a few clubs, or do I need to re-grip all of them?

You can re-grip just one or all of your clubs. For those clubs that are re-gripped with Arccos Caddie Smart Grips you will receive embedded sensors in the grips. You will also be provided with screw-in sensors for the rest of your set.


Can I get more then 14 sensors?

Yes, you can purchase sensors for $5 apiece irrespective of sensor type (embedded, screw-in, or putter). The grip costs are not included in this price.


How does the subscription work?

When you first set up your Arccos Caddie account you will be asked to register, submit your credit card details, and pair your clubs with the Arccos Caddie app. From your date of registration you will receive a 90-day FREE trial to Arccos Caddie. After 90 days you will be charged an annual subscription fee of $99.99.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can either call or Customer Experience team on 1-844-692-7226 or email us at


I have a question about Arccos Caddie that I need help answering.

We have a great training site: where many of your questions will be answered. Alternatively please call our Customer Experience team on 1-844-692-7226 or email us at


What happens when I need to re-grip?

Embedded sensors can be removed from your existing Arccos Caddie Smart Grips and re-inserted into your new grips meaning that you do not need to purchase new sensors every time you re-grip. If you want to convert some clubs from screw-in sensors to embedded in the grips then you will need to purchase new embedded sensors for $5 apiece.


I’m already an Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor user, how do I convert to Arccos Caddie Smart Grips, and do I need to pay a subscription?

Existing Smart Sensor customers can choose to convert to Smart Grips, however this will mean that you transition into the Arccos Caddie subscription ecosystem and will be charged $99.99 per annum. If you have any questions regarding this please call our Customer Experience team on 1-844-692-7226 or email us at