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Scoring Analysis & Overall Handicap

See your handicap and percentage breakdowns for eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, and doubles+. Explore the Demo

Arccos records every shot you hit, so your handicap is updated automatically after each round you play.

Do I have to enter my scores in order to see my handicap?

Driving Stats

Driving handicap is derived from data for distances, accuracy and severity of errors off the tee

Data includes average drive, longest drive, standard deviation, fairways hit and percentage of misses right or left.

What driving stats does Arccos record?
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Approach Stats

Know your precise club distances to make better, more informed choices that improve approach shot accuracy. About Shot Tracking

Information is recorded for greens in regulation, proximity to the hole and miss zone percentages (short, long, left, right).

What approach stats does Arccos track?

Chipping & Sand Stats

Separate handicaps for both key areas of performance around the green. Explore the Demo

The system factors your average distance to the pin from each area, as well as your ability to get up and down.

How is Arccos able to handicap my chipping and sand play?
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Putting Stats

Take your short game to the next level with rich data derived from the strokes gained methodology.

We calculate your strokes gained putting and then convert it into a relative putting handicap by using millions of shots of comparative data.

How is my putting handicap derived?

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