Try Before You Buy FAQs - Powered by NOK

What is the Try Before You Buy (TBYB) program powered by nok?

The TBYB program allows a golfer to try Arccos Smart Sensors at their own course for $0 down. The golfer will get a 14 day trial from delivery of their Arccos Smart Sensors before either purchasing in full, or returning for free. The program is handled by nok.

How does the Try Before You Buy program work?

nok How it works

Who is nok?

nok allows consumers to try out products where they’ll end up using them the most - the golf course. nok handles the TBYB program.

Why is a payment method required at sign up?

nok requires a payment method at sign up to initiate the TBYB program. This allows nok to validate your identity and charge for the product if it has not been returned after the trial.

What happens if I don't want to keep the Smart Sensors?

If you are not happy after trying Arccos Smart Sensors, you’ll need to return your sensors to nok, at the end of your tryout, so you are not charged. nok will provide details on how to return. If you need help returning, reach out to Additionally, you will need to cancel your Arccos membership, at the end of your tryout, so you are not charged your annual membership fee which is started when pairing your Smart Sensors by contacting

What happens if I want to keep the Smart Sensors?

You’ll only be automatically charged if you don’t return your tryout product on time and we don't know whether or not you'll return it. If you decide that you’d like to keep a product after trying it out, simply select “Keep it” from the available buying options directly from your nok account.

How much will I pay if I decide to keep the Smart Sensors?

$199.99. The price of Arccos Smart Sensors, which comes with a 1 year membership to the Arccos Caddie app. 

Do I need a membership to Arccos?

Yes, when you pair your sensors in the Arccos Caddie app you’ll start your Arccos trial membership. If you keep your sensors, you receive your first year’s membership with the price of the sensors. Your membership will automatically renew after your first year. The annual membership fee is $12.99/month ($155.88 billed annually). If you decide not to keep your sensors you’ll need to cancel your trial membership by contacting Arccos at


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