Live stats. Global competitions. Ultimate bragging rights. Only $79.99

Play & compete like never before

Only $79.99

Live stats. Global competitions. Ultimate bragging rights.

Only $49.95

The system includes:

  • 1 Driver Sensor
  • Starter Guide
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • 1-year Arccos Driver Premium Subscription* 
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*Arccos Driver premium subscription value = $40/year. May be re-activated anytime after expiration for complete access to premium features and historical performance data. Basic features available to all users, regardless of subscription status, include: Advanced GPS, live shot tracking, driving data for current and immediate past round, basic Crowns game.

30-Day Guarantee on any purchase. We’re proud of our system and confident you’ll love it. If not, we’ll refund your purchase.

What people are saying about Arccos Driver

Arccos is the merger of Big Data and Big Bertha.


If you want to know more about your driving performance and distance, Arccos Driver is the product for you.

Golf Channel Morning Drive

A very affordable way to get into shot tracking.

Global Golf Post

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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