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  • GPS

    Precise GPS distances to front,
    center and back of green.

  • Scoring

    Overall handicap, scores,
    % breakdown for eagles, birdies,
    pars, bogeys and doubles+.

  • Driving

    Longest and average drive,
    fairways hit, % of misses right /
    left, standard deviation.

  • Approach

    Greens in regulation (GIR),
    proximity to hole, miss zone %
    (short, long, left, right).

  • Chipping

    Average distance to pin,
    up & down %.

  • Sand

    Proximity to hole, rate of bunker
    shots onto green.

  • Putting

    Total putts, putts-per-hole,
    putts after GIR, % of one-,
    two- and three-putts.

GPS Tracking

"Arccos is essential to how I practice, prepare, and compete."

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Billy Horschel

PGA Tour Player & 2014 FedEx Cup Winner

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