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Billy Horschel

PGA Tour Player & 2014 FedEx Cup Winner

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  • GPS

    Precise GPS distances to front,
    center and back of green.

  • Scoring

    Overall handicap, scores,
    % breakdown for eagles, birdies,
    pars, bogeys and doubles+.

  • Driving

    Longest and average drive,
    fairways hit, % of misses right /
    left, standard deviation.

  • Approach

    Greens in regulation (GIR),
    proximity to hole, miss zone %
    (short, long, left, right).

  • Chipping

    Average distance to pin,
    up & down %.

  • Sand

    Proximity to hole, rate of bunker
    shots onto green.

  • Putting

    Total putts, putts-per-hole,
    putts after GIR, % of one-,
    two- and three-putts.

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A more recent entrant in the geeks-and-golfers segment is Arccos Golf, which is also a physical sensor and iOS app combination. Arccos, though, uses 14 sensors—one for each club, and is designed for use while you’re playing, not while on the range.

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Game Tracker: Overcoming My Golf Game's Vulnerabilities Through Arccos

Arrive at a golf course — 20,000 course maps are pre-loaded into the app — then simply turn on the app and your phone’s Bluetooth. The app will quickly recognize the exact spot you’re standing on any hole, and recognize the sensor on each club and which club it is. Ah, the magic of GPS and technology. Then you just play golf.

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