Augusta National and Arccos Members

Augusta National And Arccos Members

Augusta National is one of the most famous and exclusive clubs in the world. Unlike other ultra-exclusive clubs, Augusta National can’t help their southern hospitality, and gives the world a peek at their slice of paradise every year with the ANWA, Drive Chip & Putt Competition, and the Masters

Despite having over ten million rounds of golf tracked in almost 200 countries around the world, it is still no surprise that there are not that many rounds played from the hallowed grounds of Augusta National by Arccos members. Even scoring tickets as a patron is considered extremely lucky, let alone being able to say that you’ve played a round on the 7,510 yards of the immaculately groomed course. 

The grounds at Augusta National have long held importance to the golf world. So while most of us will only dream of playing at Augusta, Arccos Caddie Preview can give us a little piece of that dream. The rest might have to be achieved by passionately watching the Masters from our living rooms and cheering on the future legends of golf. 

If you haven’t already previewed Augusta in your Arccos Caddie and ‘virtually’ imagined playing every hole… are you even an Arccos member? Teasing of course. But wouldn’t you like to know your ideal strategy through Amen Corner?

1983 was the first year that Augusta allowed players to bring their own Caddies. Now with your trusty A.I. Caddie, you can preview the course. Arccos Caddie Preview is unlocked after your first five rounds (90 holes) with the Arccos Caddie App, allowing members to see how their stats line up against the famed fairways of Augusta National (among the 40,000+ worldwide courses mapped by Arccos). So make yourself a pimento cheese sandwich and give yourself the “virtual Masters experience” and see how A.I Caddie thinks you should play each hole. 

Augusta National Course Preview
Taking our imaginations one step further when dreaming of playing Augusta, we took a deeper look at hole #12, Golden Bell. Thanks to the millions of shots taken from amateur golfers using Arccos we overlaid the shot dispersions for three separate handicaps, to see how many golfers might be ‘swimming’ in the pristine lake. 

5 hcp disperson on augusta #12 10 hcp disperson on augusta #12 15 hcp disperson on augusta #12

With the Masters kicking off the unofficial start to the golf season (in the northern hemisphere), it's safe to say we are always in for a treat this week. With a green jacket on the line, it won’t be easy for anyone to claim the year’s first major. But for those who are inspired to start playing the best golf of their lives, the Arccos Caddie Bundle is a great way to begin taking a data-driven approach to lowering your scores.