Arccos 2022 Product and Feature Highlights

Arccos Product Highlights 2022

While 2022 isn’t officially wrapped up with a bow just yet, we thought it would be fun and festive to reflect on all of the wonderful things in the world of Arccos that happened this year. Looking back we gathered the exciting new updates and improvements added to the system this calendar year. 

Our product team brought some exciting new features to Arccos this year, and that doesn’t even begin to include the invisible improvements to the back end of the system that might’ve eluded even the most eagle-eyed Arccos Members. So this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate their endless hard work improving the Arccos experience for golfers all around the world.

If you find yourself talking about your Arccos stats and features to golf buddies, don’t forget about our Referral Program which also launched in 2022! You can ‘gift’ yourself a few free months of membership and your golf buddies will get the gift of lower scores using Arccos.


For years we’ve had fantastic partnerships with Cobra and PING that help bring equipment tracking and performance analytics to their customers. 2022 added TaylorMade to our valued partnership lineup. 

Read about it: Arccos & TaylorMade Expand Partnership with Launch of ‘Track Better. Play Better.’ Program

Golfers who purchase clubs from these manufacturers can get Arccos Smart Sensors for free, as well as a 45-day trial to the platform. There were some tweaks to the programs across the board, but rest assured our partnerships team is cranking away at expansions with our partners, and improvements for 2023 as well! 

Other New 2022 Partnerships that benefit Arccos Members

Software Updates: 

Strokes Gained by Club (April): An industry FIRST, this feature gives players insight on which clubs help or hurt them to allow for more informed decisions both on the golf course and for instruction. Whether it’s their short game or hitting more fairways, players can see exactly what parts of their game need immediate attention. 

Enhanced Putting Stats (July): With loosely a third of the shots in a round for the average player, it's safe to say the putter is one of–if not ‘the’ most important club in your bag. With this new release, we give players even more insight into exactly how they are performing from various lengths on the greens. 

Hot Spot Editing (August): This makes it even easier for players to more accurately add any missed shots by using their in-round location data. 

Enhanced Approach Stats (August): Enhanced Approach Stats gives Arccos Members a closer look at their approach distances and where they can look to improve when coming up to the greens.

USGA Integration (October): Arccos Integrates with the USGA®, Allowing Members to Post Scores and View Their Handicap Index® Directly from the Arccos Caddie App.

Hardware Updates:

Gen 3+ Smart Sensors (April): With the new system, golfers receive 13 sensors that boast a sleek new design, plus an all-new P3 Putter Sensor that is more than 40% smaller and 20% lighter than its predecessor. Created specifically with pistol grips in mind, the putter sensor fits most standard grips for a seamless shot tracking experience on the greens. The new sensor kit is also now packaged in a more sustainable box that reflects the brand’s drive toward eco-friendly products. Click here to buy.

Link Gen 2 (April): Designed to be worn on a player’s belt, waistband or pocket the new Arccos Link (Gen2) offers golfers the level of performance, thanks to the capacity to automatically record shots without having to carry a phone on the course. As well as its sleeker look and improved clip functionality, the new device incorporates advanced microphone enhancements with GORE® protective vents to deliver the most reliable, high quality shot tracking performance in golf. Click here to buy.

Limited Edition Smoke Sensors (June): Arccos provides golfers with a rare opportunity to track on-course data with its new Smoke Smart Sensors using an exclusive variation of the product in a dark grey and black design. This sees the distinctive Arccos green replaced with a limited edition stealthy colorway. Click here to buy.

This holiday season we re-introduced the smoke bundle with this sleek palette, but now includes a smoke Link as well! Available while supplies last, so now is a good time to consider either upgrading your existing sensors, keep as a spare set, or give to the golfers you think would love playing with Arccos.