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Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grips are compatible with all Arccos products, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, Arccos Caddie Smart Grips and Smart Sets (Cobra and PING).

We offer 5 types of single grips: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 (standard), Lamkin Crossline 360 (standard and midsize) and Lamkin UTx (standard and midsize).

Single Smart Grips can be used to replace Smart Sensors for a more seamless user experience, as additional grips for clubs you’ve recently added to your bag, or to replace worn out existing Smart Grips. Each Smart Grip comes with an Arccos Caddie sensor embedded in the grip. See below for specific grip details.

If you do not have an active Arccos Caddie subscription and purchase (and pair) 5 or more Smart Grips you will be required to become a subscriber in order to use the app.

Member Reward - Arccos Caddie members are entitled to exclusive member pricing, a discount of $7.00 per grip. To receive the discount please use your Arccos Caddie registered email during checkout and enter Discount Code: "MemberReward"   

Please contact if you do not receive your discount and believe you are eligible. Note that you will need to select "Check Out" rather than using the quick checkout option (PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay) to access the discount. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes.



Golf Pride MCC Plus4 – Available in standard size

Golf Pride’s MCC Plus4 is a tour-proven, hybrid golf grip featuring a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material. The MCC Plus4 golf grip simulates 4 additional wraps of tape on the lower hand to encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power.

Lamkin UTx – Available in standard size & midsize

Specifically developed for players with higher swing speeds looking for excellent traction in a firm feeling full-cord grip, the UTx golf grip is designed to deliver longer and more consistent shots. Its Tri-Layer Technology blends three unique materials to provide exceptional torsion control and superior vibration dampening.

Lamkin Crossline 360 – Available in standard size & midsize

Lamkin’s Crossline 360 golf grip delivers maximum surface traction and outstanding torsion control. Made using Lamkin’s proprietary compound this grip has been engineered for exceptional durability while the firmer grip material limits torsion at shot impact for greater confidence and excellent consistency.

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Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grip
Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grip - Golf Pride MCC Plus4
Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grip - Golf Pride MCC Plus4 - Standard size
Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grip - Lamkin UTx - Standard size
Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grip - Lamkin UTx - Midsize
Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grip - Lamkin Crossline 360 - Standard size
Arccos Caddie Single Smart Grip - Lamkin Crossline 360 - Midsize

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