Smart Club Distances

Know How Far You Really Hit Each Club, Now In Every Situation.

Know your true distances

Smart Distance has been upgraded. Our machine learning algorithm takes accuracy to a new level by providing a precise estimation of how far a player hits a well-struck shot with each club in their bag. Mishits, abnormally long and recovery shots are now automatically identified and eliminated from the calculations, which help fuel Arccos’ award-winning A.I. caddie club recommendations.

Smart Range is Arccos’ estimation of a player’s expected range on well-struck shots. A narrower range is indicative of more consistent shot performance.

Filter your Data for more detailed insights

Flexible Filtering

Segment club distance data by # of shots or date range.

Exclude Shots

Ability to remove shots from being included in the distance algorithm.

Compare Clubs

See exactly how your active paired clubs & unpaired clubs from your bag perform to optimize your bag composition.

How Smart Club Distances will Change Your Game.

Simulations show the environmental impact on distance


Understanding how various wind speeds affect your distances whether you’re hitting into a headwind or with a tailwind.


Seasonal temperature changes can impact distances greatly, see exactly how much cold temperatures take off your distances, or how many yards warmer weather will add.


Taking your game to new heights, will literally change your distances from the difference in air pressure. Higher altitude will add distance, and vice versa.

- Erika Larkin, PGA Professional, Arccos Ambassador
“Would you take a test without studying? Pre-round prep is so important and that includes mapping out your shot plan and adjusting your distances according to course conditions and weather. Arccos makes it so easy to do this with New Smart Club Distances.”
- Johnny I, Arccos Caddie Member
“It’s revolutionary. It has dropped me from 14 to 4 in 18 months and I know exactly which shot to hit wherever I’m playing.”
- Charles C, Arccos Caddie Member
“Arccos Caddie is like having someone from the tour keep stats for you. Whether you want information to help you improve your game faster or you want advice on what club to play in a certain situation based on previous performance rather than "feel" or guessing, Arccos will help your golf game.”




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