10 (unique) ways to use Arccos to enrich your golf game

By now, you've surely heard about all the benefits of adding Arccos to your game. From seamless performance tracking to the amazing amount of statistics, analysis and insights it provides, it's a no-brainer for golfers anywhere.

But the core features of the app aren't the only benefits of adding it to your bag. As golfers, we're always looking for ways to spice up a round and with Arccos, it's easy to elevate and enrich your golfing experience by using the app.

Through some exhaustive research and many, many rounds played, here's a breakdown of the 10 ways to use Arccos to enrich a round of golf:

Course Management: A key feature to a recent release, our rangefinder makes course management an absolute breeze. On the tee or in the fairway, you can see just how far you are to any spot on the hole while simultaneously getting a distance left to the green from that spot. For those of us that struggle with distance control, this feature has been life-changing!

Distance For Friends: Be a good playing partner and help your group out with yardages if they're not carrying Arccos. That is, unless there's a lot of money riding on the hole.

Find Your Ball: You saw it heading towards the trees on the right but didn't see it come down? With the app, you can establish a general area to focus your search. Combine the live GPS distances and your average club distance when using the club you just shanked into the woods and you'll find that ball in no time. Isn't golf fun?

Local Knowledge: Picture this, you're playing a course for the first time and you're not quite sure what's lurking behind the green. With Arccos' birds-eye view of the green and zoom capabilities, you can see just how much room separates the back of the green and the trouble just beyond it. Stay below the hole and out of trouble.

Long Drive Contests: We all love the long ball. Use the app to get an accurate distance for drives by you and your group -- whether they're playing with Arccos or not! The accurate GPS will surely make a more efficient contest than the eyeball test.

Pace Of Play: Finished with a hole but not quite sure where the next tee box is? Use the app to guide you. An often overlooked capability of the app, it'll surely help towards your group's pace of play.

Betting: Look, golfers love to wager. It's a big part of the game at all levels. With Arccos, bets are taken to the next level with the amount of in-round stats and analysis it provides. You can use the app to measure and manage standard games. You can also use it to bet the five facets -- driving, approach, chipping, sand and putting -- which we'd argue is a much more complete look at a person's game than playing skins or even match play.

Eliminate Sandbagging: Speaking of side games ... No one likes a sandbagger. Arccos can help rid the golf course of them. If you're playing with an old friend or a new acquaintance, Arccos allows you to check their skills out before you agree to a game. On the first tee, have a look at their handicap breakdown and see just exactly what type of golfer you're playing with that day.

Keep In Touch: Perhaps the coolest part of Arccos' social platform is the ability to see how other golfers are playing. You're in San Francisco but Dad -- your original golfing partner -- is back home in New England? No worries, you can keep tabs on each other with Arccos Social.

Set & Achieve Goals: Whether you're playing golf, trying to make sales or are simply trying to get in better shape, measurement is the key to attaining your goals. Arccos provides crystal-clear breakdown of the different facets of your game, which makes identifying areas of your game in need of improvement, setting goals and measuring your progress a reality.

Beyond the core features of the app, how are you using the Arccos app to enrich your golfing experience. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We always look forward to hearing from #TeamArccos golfers.