Link Up: 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Arccos Link

Arccos Shot Tracker Link

The Arccos Link is a light-weight wearable offering Arccos players unprecedented freedom while enjoying the full benefits and capabilities of the Arccos Caddie App

Available as an accessory to existing users, or bundled together for new Arccos Members, the Arccos Link is one of three ways to track shots via Arccos; the other two being directly with your smartphone and with the Apple Watch.

Thinking about “Linking Up” for the fall golf season? Here are seven ways the Arccos Link can make your round of golf even more efficient and enjoyable.

Better Battery Life

As in the battery life of your phone, which if it’s even a year or two old, likely struggles to make it through the day on a single charge. The average iPhone uses around 40% of its battery life during a four-hour round of golf. Link’s battery is designed to last for two rounds of golf, or up to 10 hours. 

There are other ways to save battery life in tandem with Link, including dimming your screen, turning on screen timeout, disabling auto rotate, closing out open apps and even turning off cellular data (provided you’ve downloaded the course you’re playing). 

Also pursuant to battery life, be sure to turn off Link after your round. Press the power button until you hear a “beep” and the power light is dark. If you forget and put it in the pouch or your bag, it will eventually drain the battery and won’t be ready for the next round. 

More Music 

When your shots are recorded via Link during a round of golf, it frees up your smartphone’s microphone and speaker for other things, like snapping a few photos or videos with your playing partners, or even listening to or watching a sporting event. 

Then there’s music; whereas taking in a few tunes on the golf course was complete breach of etiquette just a few years ago, now it’s the norm at most courses (many of which have carts with Bluetooth enabled speakers). Team Arccos has even compiled Spotify playlists for you to enjoy.

Precise Pins

Setting accurate pin locations is vital for generating and tracking accurate putting data, such as distance to the pin on approach shots and the all-important strokes gained putting metric. With Link, Arccos players now have the most convenient and accurate option available in the Arccos ecosystem. 

How it works: stand as close to the pin as possible without stepping in anyone’s line and briefly hold down the power button (about 1 second) to mark the location. If you hear a beep, you’ve held it down too long and the power has turned off. If this happens, make sure to press the power button to turn it back on. 

Phone Free

There are many large and extra-large model smartphones on the market that don’t lend themselves to fitting in front pockets. Link solves for this by allowing Arccos players to keep their phones in their golf bags, cart or pushcart while still recording shot data. Once Link is in Bluetooth range, it transfers the data to the smartphone. 

Or there are simply times you might want to free yourself from the distractions of numerous texts, calls, alerts and emails and get back to the foundational freedom that golf offers. That stated, you don’t want to lose a day’s worth of data. Enter Link, exit smartphone. 

Then there’s the proverbial middle ground that most Arccos Link players occupy – a healthy dose of phone freedom mixed with a small serving of screen time. Especially when it comes to accessing the benefits of Arccos Caddie’s A.I.-Powered GPS Rangefinder and Arccos Caddie club recommendations.

Ladies Apparel Friendly

Most women’s golf apparel, whether it’s pants, shorts, skirts or skorts, don’t feature front pockets. They’re either missing entirely, or inadequately small with the capacity for a ball marker at best. With Link simply attaching to a belt or waistband, no pockets are necessary for full-on shot tracking. 

Just ask Arccos Ambassador Trillium Rose:

“Let me just tell you right now I am one of the biggest supporters of Arccos Link, both for me personally and my students, especially the women. When I play, I mainly wear skirts that only have one small pocket and a large iPhone XR doesn’t fit. I think a lot of women golfers are like me and they’re going to love the Link.”

Have they ever. Arccos experienced a 300% increase in use by women after the launch of Link and that figure continues to grow as more-and-more ladies take up the game. That stated, if you are looking for regular-size front pockets on women’s pants, check out Abendroth Golf

Kid Friendly

Just as Arccos use among women is rising exponentially, junior golfers who’ve been raised on data and analytics are also rapidly adopting Arccos and all of its rich features and capabilities. However, not all kids want to lug their phone around the golf course. And for many younger kids, smartphone ownership isn’t a thing … yet. 

Link is the ideal solution for juniors (and their parents, guardians and coaches) who want to harness the power of automatic shot tracking, smart ranges for clubs and strokes gained data without carrying a phone. Just ask six-year-old Penny Roach and her father, Adam. As she’s still knee high to a grasshopper, Penny actually wears Link on the bill of her cap, where it’s close enough to her clubs’ sensors for detection. 

Rules Compliant

Link takes any of the speculation about smartphone access during an officially sanctioned and / or competitive round out of the equation. In September last year (2020), the United States Golf Association (USGA) ruled that Link is permitted under The Rules of Golf. The ruling also applies to international play governed by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club (R & A). 

Professional golfers like J.P. Thornton and Jarred Garcia on the Advocates Professional Golf Association (APGA) Tour and Luiza Altmann on the Ladies European Tour can keep their phones in their bags and record all their shots during both practice rounds and tournaments with Link.


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