Are You Taking a Mulligan on TPC Sawgrass' #17?

It’s that wonderful time of year where our favorite Tour events are sprouting up to get us all excited about our upcoming golf season. THE PLAYERS Championship is no different. The Pete Dye designed Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass is not for the faint of heart. 

Arccos worked with Golf Digest to provide data for an immersive piece that highlights just how tricky this course can be for the average golfer. Don’t miss out on reading the article, seriously!

Focusing exclusively on Arccos Members helps give the average golfer a little perspective on what it would be like to play this sneaky course by examining how their peers performed. 

We mapped out exactly how Arccos Members who were between a 5-15 HCP performed during their rounds on the Stadium Course. With only 3% of holes birdied… it’s safe to say that there aren’t any guaranteed wins out there. 

Amateurs Arccos Data on the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass - Players Championship

Normally we are not advocates for GIR% as a critical stat to gauge performance as it isn’t nearly as indicative of success as proximity to pin–-but for the case of #17 we want to talk about it today. This is a critical point of discussion, because we think that there are a lot of Arccos Members who haven’t logged their mulligans in their app on #17… 

We can confidently say we have a few fudged scorecards by simply examining the typical dispersion for these golfers. The size of green on #17 is highly unforgiving against the peppered pattern. If you didn’t take our previous advice to read the Golf Digest article, we are doubling down on the suggestion. The anecdotal evidence is that they haven’t had a foursome make all four tee shots onto the green. Hopefully they knew to bring a few extra balls to donate to the Golf Gods as penance. So we mapped out the dispersion of 5-15 caps across ALL courses and layered it over a map of hole #17.

Dispersion on TPC Sawgrass #17

If you aren’t already using Arccos to track your on-course performance, now is a great time to start!  You’ll be able to see exactly how you stack up against various handicaps, as well as on-course tools that help you play smarter and shoot lower scores.