Capturing Your Golf Memories With Arccos

Liz Breed, is a teaching professional at The Seawane Club outside of NYC, with a background in journalism as well as a lifelong love-affair with golf, she is passionate about helping make the sport more accessible and inclusive to those who don't appear the be the ‘traditional golfer’. You can follow her adventure on Instagram at @Shank.Haney (she could also moonlight as a comedian).

Liz Breed Golf Memories Captured

Many people when talking to fellow golfers ask:

“What’s your best score?” 

Apart from the obvious idea of evaluating someone’s skill from their best round, there is a lot more that could be missed by being so matter of fact with this question. Is it your best SCORE or is it your best EXPERIENCE? 

My short answer is 64 and my best score to date. 

My long answer, it was my senior year during the final round of the Schooner Classic where Toby Keith, his wife, and their dog watched me shoot a 64. I had no idea who he was, I just knew I was playing good golf. Only in golf could someone say all that. 

Regardless of the long or short answer, the nostalgia remains the same“where were you when you played your best round?” That is the gateway drug into relationship building on the golf course. It harkens back to the fondest memories you have on the golf course and drips all over you like a warm honey. It’s relatable while simultaneously creating a hierarchy of skill that you can only imagine of climbing. 

It is also the most bonkers time to think back to. Oftentimes I have to yell at myself “you REALLY did that!!”

Tracking Personal Bests in Arccos

Another added bonus is reflection. I hope you are able to take that question and think about the golfer you once were and how you would beat them today. That’s where Arccos comes in—You can see your tangible improvements, where your strokes are lost, and track those memories. One of the things that can be proven with the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors is that golfers can track all of their shots and see how they have beaten the golfer they once were. 

The modern golfer seems to love a number and why wouldn’t they? Just knowing your face angle in relation to your path is game changing. How relieving would it be knowing exactly how far you carry your 8 iron? Or that you had a tendency to miss greens when you miss fairways? But the real winners are capturing those ‘personal bests’ on rounds of 18. Being able to remember longest drives, or most fairways is an amazing way to relive those rounds and have a digital record of those memories or scorecards. 

Matt Fineran Gets first hole in oneI’ll often think back to my best round ever (as most golfers do) and can’t help but wonder how my game would have been better if I knew that my predominant miss is short and right with my irons. How handy would it be to know when and how the wheels start to come off? (Hello, Strokes Gained Analytics...) It’s having the knowledge of what works and doesn’t work, that can help talk you through the rough patches, as you chase your next exciting personal best. 

One thing I hope you always remember about nostalgia in golf—some memories fade. But recording your rounds and remembering the highlights can quickly give you that spark again. It only gets better from here because there is always more to experience on the course. Thankfully, as you rack up the rounds played, Arccos can help you digitally keep track of the shots and scorecards, so you can focus on chasing that golfer’s high for that next monumental memory.