Did You Know: Smart Distance

Each week, we offer tips, tricks and best practices to the community so that our users can get the most out of the Arccos platform. This week, we examine Smart Distance.

Smart Distance is our way of calculating and displaying distance expectancies with each and every club for our users.

We've taken the average club distances formerly utilized and made them more reflective of actual distances a player would expect to hit on a well-struck shot.

In addition to Smart Distance expectancies, golfers will also notice personalized Smart Range insights. Smart Range offers Arccos users a range in which a shot with each club may travel based on their past performance as recorded by the app.

Smart Distance and Smart Range insights are also available for tee shots (all clubs except the putter) and approach shots (all clubs except the driver and putter).

For more information on how to utilize our Smart Distance and Smart Range statistics, please view the video below:

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