Four Reasons Arccos Caddie Is The Perfect 2018 Holiday Gift For Golfers

Ah, the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time to spend with family, eat delicious food, and give gifts to our favorite people. If you’re like us, many of our closest friends and loved ones are avid golfers who daydream about how much better they’ll play next golf season, especially while our "favorite" family members ramble on about things other than the Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson match. I mean, who doesn’t want to improve their golf games?! So whether you're treating yourself or thinking of helping your best-ball partner save some strokes (or both) this year, here are four reasons why you should consider picking up a set of Arccos Caddie Smart Grips or Smart Sensors this holiday season.

1. The Technology

It’s nearly 2019. Technology is part of almost every piece of our lives. If you haven’t used data to your advantage to become a better golfer, then you’re missing out. Even if you view golf as an escape from the screens, pings, and alerts, you can still utilize the technology in our Smart Sensors or Smart Grips. They will track your shots, holes, and rounds to give you unparalleled data so you know what to work on. And if you don’t mind using your phone while you play, the Arccos Caddie app will learn your game and recommend clubs and shots based on your data. How good is our tech? Good enough for Microsoft to recognize us as one of the “Unicorns” in A.I. Like we said, it’s time to hop on the tech train, even while you’re on the course.

2. The Proven Results

As golf’s first A.I. platform, we’ve combined automatic shot tracking, smart distance club averages, advanced analytics, and caddie advice for any hole on earth. This helps golfers make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores. In fact, golfers using Arccos improve their handicaps 46.7x faster than the average golfer. Not bad!

3. Avid Golfers Love It

Sean Ogle, creator of Breaking Eighty, said, “Arccos is the single greatest piece of tech a golfer can own … it hits everything I want to be able to do and review as a golfer.” You can read his full review of our product here. Golf Digest also ranked our Smart Grips No. 2 on their best holiday gifts for golfers list. And check out this story about how Mike went from a 23 to a 12 handicap after using Arccos.

4. The Savings

What would a holiday season be without some amazing sales? And if you’ve been waiting for a discount on our products, now is the time to strike. We typically launch a sale from Thanks Giving through to the end of the year. Click here to shop all our products on sale.

Holiday Promo

Whether you’re ready to lower your handicap, or you know someone who is, Arccos is the best way to track your rounds and monitor your progress. And at these holiday prices, it simply can’t be beat. Happy Holidays, everyone.