The New Course Advantage: Arccos Caddie

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie, playing a new golf course for the first time can be daunting. So much of golf is about confidence; we want to know what to hit and when to hit it. Adding a new golf course to this process is tricky. Let Arccos guide you through your next time on a new golf course.


Having a game plan helps us in every aspect of our lives. We use Google Maps to plan road trips, we look at a restaurant's website before making a reservation, why wouldn’t we plan our round of golf? 

After playing 90 holes, players can access the Arccos Preview Caddie to lay out their upcoming rounds. Using AI, Arccos will present players with two strategies for playing: an optimal and an alternate strategy. 

“Optimal Strategy” is the primary option with clubs selected to produce the lowest possible score to “get down” for par. The “Alternate Strategies” recommend different clubs off the tee, and that selection then impacts the other clubs selected. In short- recommended plays, based on your strengths. While one is not better or worse, having these two playing strategies will give you options while navigating a new golf course.       


A good warm-up doesn’t mean a 3-hour grind session nor does it guarantee that you’re going to play the best round of your life. But a golf routine can help us prepare, just like a morning routine prepares us for our day.   

Let’s say that you’ve noticed that your scoring average on the first few holes is high and you get off to a slow start. An example of a short but confidence-boosting drill to help is “playing” the first three holes on the range. You can use the Arccos Preview Caddie to see what those holes will look like. If the first hole has trouble all down the right side or a tight landing zone, visualize the tee shot on the range and “play” it. Pin in the back left corner? Play it on the range. When you get to those tricky scenarios during your round, you’ve been there and done that. 

Pro tip: Maybe you “play” your first three holes according to the optimal strategy that Arccos planned. 

Here’s another great pre-round drill.

Your putting stats show that you lose 2.8 strokes per round from inside 10 feet. Your gut may tell you to just hit 10 footers until it’s go time but we want you to specifically focus on the pace of those putts. 

From 10 feet, hit putts by just using your trail hand. (Righties this would be your right hand, lefties use your left hand). Focus on hitting each putt to within 1 foot of the hole. Chances are it’s going to be pretty easy to control your distance from this length with one hand. A player's preferred pace is so ingrained, especially if they’re used to playing the same course. Drills like this help players acclimate to the changing green speeds. 

It can be an advantage to know where to specifically focus your warm-up before a round. 


Lots of golfers use rangefinders or other GPS distance-measuring devices. While those are handy tools, rangefinders only provide an “A to B” distance. Excluding things like slope, altitude, or even weather conditions takes away from the real distance to the hole.  

The Arccos A.I. Rangefinder shows the actual distance adjusted in real-time for slope, altitude and weather conditions. Users can see any added or subtracted distance based on wind speed, direction, temperature, and humidity. How handy is THAT in uncharted golf territory? 

Pro tip: Arccos A.I. Rangefinder also works in tandem with Arccos Preview Caddie. Your game planning just got a whole lot easier. 

Another feature that A.I. Rangefinder provides is the yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green. Knowing that those numbers are all adjusted for wind and other conditions, allows club selection to be that much easier, especially when playing in elevation that you’ve never seen before. 

Fear not! With over 40,000 mapped golf courses, Arccos has you covered.