Top 3 Approach Stats To Know About Your Golf Game

If only we could all hit a buttery iron shot onto the green every time. Keyword, every time. You’ve probably experienced that gratifying moment when an iron shot feels perfectly flushed, the ball leaving the club face square and perfectly compressed, settling onto the green with a hint of spin, paving the way for an easy two-putt par.

However, the next hole unfolds, and with an iron in hand, you inexplicably duff it into the greenside bunker. What went wrong? Was it a different iron, a longer club, or perhaps you were in the rough vs. fairway? Often, there's a discernible pattern, yet we may not recognize it until the data is laid out before us.

Explore these three Arccos Approach stats to eliminate guesswork and fine-tune your game, for greater consistency on the course.

Approach by Pin Distances

Elevate your Approach game to unprecedented levels with Arccos' detailed analysis of "Approach by Pin Distance." 

Instead of a broad overview of your overall approach performance, with Arccos' detailed analysis of "Approach by Pin Distance," you can examine the granular aspects of your stats and pinpoint exactly which yardages you might be excelling in and which ones you aren’t. Zone into how your strokes gained, green in regulations and proximity are based on different yardages. Impress your friends by showing them how dialed in you are from 125-150 yards out.

For instance, within the approach tab, you can make insightful comparisons to your target handicap. Consider this:

From 125-149, the average 10 handicaps…

  • …hit about 43% of greens. 
  • …are about 62’ from the pin. 

  • Want to see how you measure up? Check your Arccos data, adjust your target handicap, and discover where you stand in comparison.

    Approach by Terrain

    Just when you believed Arccos couldn't become more precise, think again. Understanding your approach game across various yardages is already a significant advantage, but what if we could also reveal your performance based on the terrain? Evaluate how your Strokes Gained - Approach compares to your target handicap, considering Par 3 tee shots, Fairway, Rough, and Sand!

    Discover whether hitting from the rough has a bigger impact on your approach game than you might have previously thought.

    Based on Arccos data, from 150 yards in the fairway, the average 10 handicaps, will be more than 10 yards…

    • …short of pin high about 41% of the time.
    • …long of pin high about 11% of the time.

    Greens in Regulations

    However, let's not forget the classic Greens In Regulations (GIRs). The essence of the game is to reach the green with the optimal number of strokes, setting the stage for a two-putt par. Arccos' GIR not only reveals your average number of greens hit but also highlights the areas where you may be missing them—whether it's long, short, left, or right. Additionally, it breaks down your average proximity on greens hit in regulation compared to all your approaches, whether they land on the green or not.

    Consider this: 

    • The likelihood of a player with a 10 handicap hitting all 18 greens is about 1 in every 51,000 rounds.

    Have you ever managed to hit all 18 greens in a single round? If so, share your round and tag us on social media @arccosgolf

    So there you have it – the quick lowdown on fine-tuning your approach game with Arccos. It's not just about hitting greens and chasing stats; it's about understanding your sweet spots and blind spots. From dissecting your approach based on pin distances to navigating the terrain, Arccos throws you the keys to better golf.