Understanding Your Arccos Stats With Lou Stagner

You’ve probably seen a very interesting amateur golf stat on X (formerly Twitter) or perhaps stumbled upon them shared by others on platforms, like Instagram. Chances are that tweet or post was a stat that Lou Stagner had pulled from the Arccos database of over 780 million shots and 1.1 trillion data points. 

Lou Stagner is the Data Insights Lead at Arccos and is here to help get the most out of your Arccos data. By understanding each stat, you can learn how to improve your game even faster. 

“Every golfer has their own unique fingerprint. Not every 10-handicap performs the same in every part of the game. It's important to know your weaknesses and strengths. Arccos removes any bias and enables you to stop guessing and start knowing where you should focus your attention.”

To better understand your Arccos Stats in the app, Lou has helped us break it down in a multipart video series that we'll be sharing with you over the upcoming weeks.

First, in the series, Lou takes a deep dive into the Overall Stats page. He begins by guiding you through the process of setting a suitable target handicap for accurate game comparisons, paving the way for a thorough exploration of the invaluable insights that can be found on your overall stats page.