Meet the new face of golf.

Founding Story

Meet Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal, the CEO and COO respectively of Arccos Golf. These two childhood friends are working together to produce an innovative product out of a combined love of golf and passion for technology.

While Ammad was earning his stripes as Vice President, Investment Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Sal was earning his MBA at the Yale University School of Management, where he met co-founder Clinton Grusd, who worked to develop the foundation of the business, and the business and product concepts, plans and strategies that are used by Arccos.

Realizing that golf was lacking a high-performing, comprehensive tool to track and analyze a golfer’s game and improve decision-making on the course, these co-founders set out to change the way we think about golf and play golf.

With the help of some brilliant PhDs, engineers, designers and golfers, they have launched a product that is taking the golf world by storm: Arccos.

Management Team

Sal SyedCEO

Fabrice BlancVP of Hardware

Colin PhillipsVP of Software

Tom WilliamsVP of Marketing

Stephanie BomsVP of Brand

Ammad FaisalAdvisor


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