Apple Watch - Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Watch Hero for Arccos Caddie


How does Arccos work with Apple Watch?

We launched the Arccos Caddie Apple Watch App to provide members with another way for them to play the game their way. Previously in public beta, the Apple Watch app works with the Arccos system to allow members to have some of the features from the mobile app, conveniently located on their wrist so they can leave their phones in their bags. Features include: shot tracking capabilities, rangefinder distances, caddie recommendations, editing shots, marking the pin location and more.


Which Apple Watch models work with Arccos?

The Arccos Caddie App was designed to work best with the Apple Watch Series 6. Thanks to some hardware improvements Apple made to the battery and GPS functionality, this model (and future models) will work best with Arccos. That being said, we do work with some of the earlier models but each setup is a little different.


What is Apple Watch – Rangefinder Mode?

Arccos members using an Apple watch can see the A.I. Rangefinder distances (traditionally in the mobile app) now available on their Apple Watch. Just like in the phone app, players can see the front, middle and back distances, the white numbers are GPS yardages and the green numbers are yardages adjusted in real-time for slope, weather and altitude. With Apple’s improvements on battery and GPS, the Arccos Apple Watch app is optimized for the series 6 to include GPS distances from the watch. On older watch models the distances shown are the corresponding phone’s location (meaning the phone still had to remain nearby).


What is Apple Watch – Shot Tracking Mode?

With the Apple Watch Arccos App, players can use their watch to capture their shots instead of their phone in their front pocket. Shot tracking with Apple Watch is available for series 3 models and newer, but optimized for the Series 6 Model.


What is the battery life for using Apple Watch during a round?

Battery life is greatly determined by the Watch Model being used as well as the feature selection of usage. Series 6 models have optimal battery life for using the shot tracking mode as well as the rangefinder mode, simultaneously. Depending on the earlier model being used will determine the battery usage during the round. When setting up your round for Apple Watch, the mobile app will prompt you with the estimated battery life for your selected mode(s).

Leveraging the GPS from the watch will impact the battery the most. To minimize battery usage of the watch, you can leverage the GPS from your phone (on any model). This means that distances shown on the watch will be from your phone’s location, so you’ll have to keep your phone in your pocket for accurate distances.

Apple Watch Arccos Battery Information


Can I still use my Arccos Caddie Link for shot tracking if I am using my Apple Watch?

Yes you can! This is particularly helpful for players who are using older Watch Models, as this will extend the battery life of your watch, if you are using the Link for shot tracking, and the watch for rangefinder distances. But remember—depending on which model watch (and the hardware limitations it may have), the GPS distances may be coming from the phone’s location. So you will still need to have the phone near you for accurate measurement.


Where can I find more technical instruction or support for Apple Watch and Arccos?

We have a number of other helpful resources on our support page that can give you more information about using Apple Watch with Arccos. Check out the articles here for more detailed or technical information.