Srixon and Cleveland Golf – Arccos Special Offer FAQs

What is the Arccos special offer?

U.S. and Canadian customers who purchase eligible Srixon and Cleveland Golf products, and members of the Srixon and Cleveland Golf communities, may access the Arccos special offer. This includes a FREE set of 14 Arccos Smart Sensors and a FREE 45-day trial membership to the award-winning Arccos Caddie app ($9.99 S&H fee applies). At the conclusion of the free trial period, participants will be charged the Arccos membership fee of $12.99/month (billed annually at $155.88). Participants may cancel their Arccos membership any time before the expiration of the 45-day free trial to avoid being billed.

Participants may also choose an optional upgrade to bundle the Arccos Link wearable for $74.99 (50% discount on the $149.99 MSRP).


What is Arccos Caddie Link?

For golfers who prefer to play without having to carry a smartphone, the Arccos Link wearable is a perfect solution. This small, ultralight device is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones and seamlessly pairs with the Arccos Caddie app and sensors. Worn on a player’s belt, waistband or pocket, it tracks shots in real time – including the club used and precise location – and automatically transfers the data to a player’s smartphone via Bluetooth, either during or after the round. This allows golfers to play the game their way, freeing them to keep their phone in a cart, bag, back pocket or elsewhere. For more information on Link, please click here.


Who is eligible to participate in the Arccos-Srixon & Cleveland Golf special offer?

Offer available to U.S. and Canadian customers only who purchase Srixon ZX Mk II Series Woods and Irons, Cleveland Golf RTX 6 Zipcore wedges, or members of the Srixon and Cleveland Golf communities.

Players who are current or past Arccos Caddie members or have previously commenced or canceled an Arccos Caddie trial membership are ineligible to participate in the partnership program.


When does my free trial start?

Your free trial starts as soon as you activate your Arccos Caddie membership after inputting your shipping & billing information.


How long will it take for my Arccos Caddie products to arrive?

Shipping times may vary, but products typically arrive within 5 days of your order. Tracking information will be provided via an automated confirmation e-mail following checkout.


Why won't the site accept my email?

Please verify you are inputting a valid email address. If you are still experiencing difficulties and can’t proceed, it is likely you already have an active Arccos Caddie subscription. Please contact if you believe this message is being shown in error.


Why won't the site accept my address?

Please note the offer is currently available only in the U.S. and Canada. If you are based in the U.S. or Canada, please verify the address to ensure there are no typos or extra spaces, and that you have properly entered the unit number, suite number, or apartment number in the correct section. Shipping to P.O. boxes is not offered. If you continue to experience issues, please contact


Once my sensors arrive, how do I get started?

  • Download Arccos Caddie from the App Store or Play Store
  • Log in with account credentials you created previously
  • Once logged into the Arccos Caddie app, navigate through the Pairing Tips & Tricks, follow the prompts, and begin pairing

For information on pairing, please visit this link.


How can I view my membership status or cancel my membership?

To view your membership status or cancel your subscription, please navigate to the Settings page in Arccos Caddie app and click Manage Subscription. Players may also cancel by emailing or calling 844-692-7226.


What is the Returns Policy?

Golfers who activate an Arccos Caddie membership through the Arccos Special Offer will not be billed if they cancel prior to the conclusion of the 45-day free trial period.

A refund for purchases of Arccos Caddie Link will be provided according to the Arccos Returns Policy. For more details, please click here.