Best golf gifts: Father's Day guide

Just as activity trackers like FitBit have revolutionized exercise, golf trackers are doing the same thing for swings, and none is better than Arccos (I have a purchased set in my own clubs). This pioneering first real-time GPS stat tracking system is a shortcut to game improvement and a must for any technology driven or anal golfer. Arccos maps, measures and records every shot taken during a round of golf via a smartphone app and Bluetooth. The tiny inserts attached to the top of the club grips, have no effect on performance (you forget they are there) and the system captures a wealth of critical data including distances for every club, putts per round, greens hit in regulation, driving accuracy, and more. After the fact, you can review your data to help identify patterns and refine strategy. For instance, golfers might be surprised to learn they miss fairways to one side much more often then they think, or struggle to hit greens from a particular distance, all things that can then be improved. Once set up, a quick and easy process, there is nothing more to do other then turn on the app when you get to the course, even if your phone is in the bag. There’s no need to tap, touch or change pre-swing routine. Arccos instantly tracks your game in real-time, and the app also provides GPS distances to any point on the hole, eliminating the need to carry any additional devices. Arccos already has its app available for Apple watch as well ($399).

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