Arccos for Apple Watch: Four key features

The day has finally arrived. For, the Apple Watch is here.

With it, of course, comes the Arccos app for Apple Watch. We’ve made a big deal of it, and with good reason.

We’re extremely proud to be one of the first golf applications for Apple’s first foray into wearable technology and have only heard great things about the value our app brings to the watch. We’re proud to present that value to golfers currently using Arccos as well as those who have yet to purchase our sensors.

But how do we achieve that value? Let’s break it down:

Arccos For Apple Watch: 4 Key Features

  1. GPS Distances: The Arccos app for Apple Watch provides accurate distances while you’re on the golf course. It provides distances to the front, center and back of each green. This feature is automatic, meaning there’s no interruption to your typical playing routine. Any time you need a green distance, simply look at your wrist and take dead aim. This feature is available for all watch users.
  2. Score Tracking: The app also features score-keeping capabilities for Arccos sensor users as well as all other watch users. For Arccos sensor users, your score will be automatically tracked as with the iPhone app.
  3. Club Recommendations: This is one of the great additions to the application and one we know all Arccos users will love. Based on your statistics and usage, the app will offer a customized club recommendation if you’re within range. Think of it as your personal caddie and a way to take the guessing game out of club selection. This feature, of course, is only for golfers using the Arccos sensors.
  4. Enhanced Shot Editing: This one’s also only for Arccos sensor users only. If you’re playing with Apple Watch, the experience of adding and deleting putts has become much easier.

The new features and Apple Watch compatibility will be available upon initial install or update of the Arccos iPhone app. Additionally, note that the Apple Watch will still require your iPhone to be on you during play in order to record accurate distances.