4 Key Takeaways From the 2019 PGA Show

Nearly a week has passed since the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show ended. Every year, the number of product launches and announcements at the show seem to grow. While we were a small piece of the whole PGA Show puzzle, we have some big takeaways we’d like to share with you. Below are four pieces to our business we’re most excited about for 2019.

Our partnership with Cobra Puma Golf continues

This year, Arccos sensors will come embedded with ALL Cobra clubs, again.

And how great does the new Cobra F9 Driver look? Yep, our sensors are in all Cobra drivers, too.

We’ve had a great relationship build with Cobra over the years, and we’re excited to continue to grow it.

We’re expanding our Smart Grip offerings

In addition to more Lamkin Smart Grip offerings, we’ll have sensors embedded in various Golf Pride grips this spring. They look and feel fantastic.

Details will come out soon on how to order and what they’ll cost.

Arccos Link pre-sale is live

If you’re not fan of carrying your smartphone in your pocket when you play, then Arccos Link is your answer. It’s a small, lightweight attachment that clips onto your belt or slides into your pocket and can track your shots. Of course, you can still carry your phone with you if you’d like, but now you can leave it in your golf bag or your cart. An internal GPS allows it to function independently of a user’s phone. Arccos Link will retail at $79.99, but you can pre-order it here for a special price of $59.99.

NOTE: Pre-order has now ended

You can read all about Arccos Link here.

A new partnership with PING

We'll be sharing more about this exciting new partnership in the coming weeks. You can join our Team Arccos Facebook Group if you want an earlier look at what this partnership will entail (and to also stay up to date with any other Arccos news, provide feedback, and join our community).

All around, this was an exciting PGA Show to be a part of. We’re excited to grow with our current partners, continue improving our products, and build new relationships to help connect golf as much as possible.